Partnering A Legacy


Square One’ s relationship with Amar Builders goes back to 2008 when we first worked on 3D visualizations for their project, Amar Courtyards in Hadapsar. It was a time of transition in Amar Builders, with the next generation taking over small parts of operations of the group from the legendary founders. Simultaneously, it was a time of evolution of Square One into a much bigger enterprise. Consequently , we can say that the story of the success of Amar Builders and Square One unfolded one at the same time.

We happily played support cast to one of the most interesting success stories of Pune real estate arena. For the next 8 years or so, we handled everything that Amar Builders needed for their visual communication. Starting from their corporate brochure to project brochure and all their marketing collaterals like print and outdoor ads, we have been a part of everything that Amar Builders stood in need of. Our expertise in architectural photography further helped us develop content, so essential these days for social media marketing, which again is handled by us. The design principles were simple. Our understanding of the Brand AMAR, helped us deliver a brilliant consistency of design language; that now flows across all their project collaterals, from their outdoor signages to their interior spaces as well.

The story continues, and today when you look at some of the most premium residential and commercial spaces in Pune, one look is enough to discern Amar Builders from the rest. This is how we have partnered Amar Builders in their journey to become one of the well-known names of the industry over the decade, and the job is still ongoing…



Consistency and precision where the two briefs from the client as regards to their project brochure designs. We went the extra mile to bestown every project with a distinctive yet a consistent outlook. Today, one glance is enough to distinguish any project from the other.


The website was considered as a nutshell-version of the corporate brochure of the developer and the project brochure. The UI was conceptualised to show the preview to the vision behind this business hub.


Two-dimensional and three-dimensional images were created meticulously to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas precisely. Simulating the effects of lighting and focusing on minute details, architectural visualization showed every attribute of the proposed architectural designs of each of the project.


Flying at over 300 feet, the drone captured inch-perfect panoramic vistas of AP83, which speaks volumes about the project without the need of words. For giving it a realistic view and illustrating every intricate detail of the structure, we worked prudently on camera tracking, light matching and cinematic post-production touch-ups.


Our architectural photography was focused on capturing the essence of each structure, design interiors and exteriors as well as the environmental setting. The right angels and special lightings were worked upon, in order to capture the aesthetic appeal of the residential projects and the accuracy of connectivity and towering presence of the commercial buildings.