An Unsurpassed Living Experience


Square One was approached by Amar Builders for their project in a prime location in Pune
which held the USP of being the tallest residential tower in its neighbourhood.
With a close proximity to the highway and the IT district, we tried to capitalise on its
location and elevation to deliver customised 3D images, walkthroughs, aerial videos, a
project brochure as well as handled their digital marketing to help reach out to the right
target audience.



The key USPs including the location, proximity, amenities, project design, panoramic
views and the elevation were highlighted through the project brochure using 3D images
and a flowing design language that was eye catching to the reader.


With a close proximity to the IT district, nestled in a prime neighbourhood, it was important to capture the right audience who would appreciate the brilliance of an Amar Builders property. Through customised social media campaigns, Google search and display ads and YouTube ads we were able to reach out to the right target audience and generate leads that converted into direct sales.


A project of this stature required different media avenues to capture the target audience and increase brand visibility, we did so through a number of hoardings, designed and strategically placed across the adjoining areas.


The impressive designs were recreated from a range of camera angles to breathe life into
the magnificent magnanimous structure.


The strikingly tall towers with panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape and nature was captured using advanced photography and aerial videography to give the viewer a keen sense of the actual project and its environs.